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Develop the mindset and mental skills you need to be happy, confident and successful. Across over 10 hours of engaging bitesize learning, this course will help you put your best foot forward to find or return to meaningful work. 


Learn how to:

  • Create a positive mindset and overcome negative thinking

  • Work out what you care about and where your strengths are

  • Prepare for interviews 

  • Set goals and work through motivational slumps 

  • Manage stress and bounce back from setbacks

  • Build your confidence and develop your self-esteem

  • Sleep well, move more and fuel properly 

  • Switch off and relax



  1. Scientifically proven ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals
  2. Varied ways of learning, including videos, quizzes, practicals and experiments
  3. Work at your own pace
  4. Join our supportive online community
  5. Unlimited access for 12 months
  6. Built to support long-term behaviour change
  7. Email support every step of the way



If you are unemployed and want to invest in your development, but cannot afford this course, please get in touch with us at We will support you.

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