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Sunset Kayak

We believe in your potential.


We are qualified Psychologists and Performance Coaches with over 30 years experience in supporting people to enhance their performance, increase their resilience and boost their well-being. Above all, we are passionate about helping young people build the psychological skills they need to thrive as early as possible in life!

About Us

Our Approach

Our Approach

Tested at the highest levels of elite sport, our approach blends the art and science of human development. Values based and purpose driven, we are inspired by the opportunity to make a difference. 


Grounded in neuroscience

Understanding how your brain works and how to treat it right is a game changer.


Belief in human potential

We see your potential. It's a privilege to walk alongside you towards your potential.


Genuine connections

We will meet you where you are, listen deeply and work with authenticity.


Courage and commitment

We are drawn to life's big questions and to helping others find meaning and purpose.


Love of learning

We are naturally curious and committed to constantly developing our expertise.


Flexible approach

From intensive development to pragmatic programmes, we will find a solution together.

Our Story

Life is precious. The time is now. We're in it together.

We have been privileged to work in diverse and inspiring contexts, including with Great Britain Olympic teams, global organisations, incredible teachers committed to inspiring the next generation and small charities with big dreams.  But too often, we've heard the comment:

"I wish I'd learnt this earlier".

This led us on a journey to make world-class mindset development more accessible, with a particular focus on supporting young people to get a head start in their psychological development. Moonshot is about sharing the life-changing insights we have gained from mentors, teachers and students over the years, in a meaningful and sustainable way.


Our ambition is to give as many people as possible the psychological tools they need to make the most of this one, precious life.  It is a privilege to walk alongside you towards your full potential.

Our story

Meet Our Team

Meet our team

We are brilliantly unique, just like you.

Katie Mobed

Katie Mobed

Founder and Director

Jenna Ashford

Jenna Ashford

Founder and Director

Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall

Director, Product Inspiration & Partnerships

Katie is one of the UK’s leading performance psychologists, working behind the scenes and on the big stage with some of the world’s best athletes, leaders and organisations. From the sports field to the boardroom, the helicopter pad to the operating theatre, Katie helps people train the mindset skills and practices essential to thriving under pressure. Her clients include CEOs, Olympic Champions, educational leaders and world-record holders.


She has been embedded in Olympic sports for the last decade, supporting many of our most successful athletes at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Jenna is a chartered psychologist and performance consultant who has worked with some of the UK's leading sports and business teams. She was former psychologist at The Football Association and now works with elite athletes in a range of sports as well as senior leaders across many different sectors globally.


Jenna has worked in schools for over 10 years and her passion lies in helping young people to understand themselves, drop the struggle against their thoughts and emotions, and realise a more balanced and fulfilling life - one that they deserve. 

Peter is an extremely skilled professional, with great experience of a wide range of sectors. Engaging, supportive and creative, he is a brilliant listener and his honest, down-to-earth approach drives the development of our psychology courses and the partnerships we engage in.

Passionate about empowering others, Peter is also a Trustee at Coventry Cyrenians, a charity committed to helping homeless and vulnerably housed people to rebuild their lives.

Philly Graham

Philly Graham

Consultant Advisor

Philly is an accredited coach and CIPD Associate with over 12 years experience in supporting learning and performance. She specialises in not for profit development and currently works as a Senior Consultant in the sector. Her day to day work involves training individuals, teams and organisations to reflect on their approaches and make small improvements that lead to big changes.


Her clients include charity professionals, local authority representatives and senior lecturers. Her passion is in work that leads to greater social good, and she brings her experience of balancing strong contemporary thinking, with practical application to the Moonshot team.

Emily Hill-Smith

Emily Hill-Smith

Project Assistant

Emily is a trainee Sport Psychologist, having just finished her masters training at Loughborough University with a previous Psychology degree from the University of Manchester. Her masters project involved working with a professional football academy to review their culture concerning the wellbeing and performance of the young players and staff.


She has a love of all sport, but enjoys playing hockey, tennis and volleyball. She is passionate about helping others achieve their potential in whatever area that may be. Emily plays a vital role within the Moonshot team, bringing passion and creativity to everything she does.

Constantina Iraclidou

Constantina Iraclidou

Digital Marketing

Constantina, a dedicated digital marketing intern at Moonshot Series, proudly holds an MA in Digital Marketing from the University of Portsmouth. Her enthusiasm for continuous learning is evident as she actively seeks to expand her knowledge, particularly in the realm of mental health. Constantina has a keen interest in holistic well-being and brings a fresh perspective and a passion for innovation to her role at The Moonshot Series. .

What is Moonshot Thinking?

Here is one of our favourite videos to explain more...

Moonshot thinking
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