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We specialise in online courses for young people, facilitated by coaches or teachers in interactive, bite-sized sessions. Our courses help students develop practical strategies to manage life's challenges, as well as inspiring them to dream big and go after their aspirations. 

Let’s not just talk about mental health,

let’s do something about it.

Our Unique Courses

The Moonshot Team bring over 30 years of experience in elite sport, business, and education to provide a transformational development experience for young people.


Sessions are easy to pick up with no prior knowledge, and can be delivered flexibly within tutor time, PSHE or dedicated sessions for mental health and resilience.

Our approach is based on rigorous research and applied practice in clinical psychology, performance psychology and neuroscience. It has been proven to make a genuine, positive difference in diverse contexts, from education through to elite sport.

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We believe in your potential.


We are qualified Psychologists with over 30 years experience in developing performance, well-being and resilience in people from all walks of life. Aside from schools across the country, our clients range from Olympic champions to global businesses and local charities. We bring deep passion and extensive expertise to help people build the psychological skills they need to reach their full potential. 


Wherever you are starting from, we will meet you there.

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