The Moonshot Series is an ever-growing collection of world-class online personal development courses to help you shoot for your dreams. Designed by leading practitioners in their fields, the collection currently includes: mental skills training for elite athletes, resilience training for young people and support for unemployed people to build confidence and find meaningful work.

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Moonshot Series helps people shoot for their dreams through inspiring and practical personal development and coaching.


Growth through Employment

Bounce is a brand new online development programme for people who are currently unemployed and looking to enhance their mindset and skills whilst finding new employment or returning to work.

Who is Spark for?

People currently unemployed


Growth through Sport

Maximise the development of your students on and off the sports field or court through courses, tailor made to your needs, or accelerate your own development through either comprehensive, holistic courses or individual modules on specific areas.

Who is Spark for?

Schools & Universities | Individuals 


Growth through Education

Spark is a leading resilience and wellbeing programme. Across 10 engaging modules, we cover a range of important topics which promote positive mental health and emotional intelligence.

Who is Spark for?

Primary and secondary schools | University Students | Independent Learning


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