Help your child build their confidence, develop their resilience and learn how to get the best out of themselves. 


Learn how to:

  1. Develop a positive mindset
  2. Understand your emotions
  3. Boost your well-being
  4. Build confidence and self-esteem
  5. Overcome setbacks
  6. Build relationships
  7. Discover your values
  8. Make social media a positive


Key Features:

  • 10+ hours of inspirational development
  • Scientifically proven ways to get the best out of yourself
  • Exclusive tips from Olympic athletes and other diverse role models
  • Informed by neuroscience
  • Simple strategies that really work
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Varied ways of learning, including videos, quizzes, practicals and experiments
  • Email support for parents every step of the way

SPARK: For 12+ year olds