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Moonshot is about the amazing things that can happen when we dare to dream big, work hard and have the right support around us.

We believe that your potential is limitless and our mission is to help you develop the mindset and mental skills to be the person you want to be and achieve what you aspire to in life

What We Do

The Moonshot Series helps people shoot for their dreams through inspiring and practical personal development and coaching, from leading practitioners in their fields.


Growth through Education

Building positive mental health and developing resilience.

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Growth through Sport

Using sport as a force for good to help athletes and teams fulfil their potential.

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Growth through Employment

Helping people develop the mindset and skills to find or return to work.

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We believe in your potential.


We are qualified Psychologists with over 30 years experience in developing performance, well-being and resilience in people from all walks of life. We are passionate about helping people build the psychological skills they need to be their best selves and reach their full potential.

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