Katie Warriner



Katie is a High Performance Psychologist and accredited personal coach with over 15 years experience at the the top of her field. She has worked in diverse performance arenas ranging from the boardroom to the rugby pitch, the helicopter pad to the school classroom. Her clients include CEOs, Olympic Champions, premiership rugby teams, educational leaders and world-record holders. Above all, Katie is passionate about supporting people to develop the mindset skills and practices required to be the best they can be.


Through her elite roles and as an accredited performance coach, Katie has successfully led teams into two Olympic Games, supported global businesses to develop their people and helped leaders create environments where people thrive. Her passion for people and performance has also taken her into education where her work with the charity 21st Century Legacy has helped over 250,000 young people discover and unlock their potential.

Jenna Woolven



Jenna is a Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist and performance consultant working in business, sport and school environments. She was former psychologist at England Football, and now works with elite athletes in a range of sports. Jenna is also an EMCC accredited Executive Coach and has extensive experience coaching leaders across many different sectors. She is passionate about helping people to realise their potential, achieve their goals and live more fulfilled lives.


Jenna comes from an elite sporting background herself, having represented England Hockey up until the age of 21 and has played in the English Premier League for 13 years as well as playing semi-professionally in Germany and Australia. Jenna also spends time using her psychology and personal development skills to help charities in underprivileged parts of the world. 

Tom Hodgins 



With a background working predominantly in rugby, Tom has worked with both academy and senior teams, supporting some of the country’s best players, including numerous England internationals. Alongside rugby, Tom has also worked in football at two Premier League clubs, helping academy and professional players develop their mind to thrive under pressure.

Outside of football and rugby, Tom runs a business which helps both amateur and professional golfers in their pursuit of lower handicaps, better scores and a greater enjoyment of the game.

Philly Graham

Consultant Advisor


Philly is an accredited coach and CIPD Associate with over 12 years experience in supporting learning and performance. She specialises in not for profit development and currently works as a Senior Consultant in the sector. Her day to day work involves training individuals, teams and organisations to reflect on their approaches and make small improvements that lead to big changes. Her clients include charity professionals, local authority representatives and senior lecturers. Her passion is in work that leads to greater social good, and she brings her experience of balancing strong contemporary thinking, with practical application to the Moonshot team.

Emily Hill-Smith

Project Assistant


Emily is a trainee Sport Psychologist, currently undergoing her masters training at Loughborough University with a previous Psychology degree from the University of Manchester. She has a love of all sport, but enjoys playing hockey, tennis and volleyball. She is passionate about helping others achieve their potential in whatever area that may be. Emily has worked in a range of settings, including primary schools, dance, tag rugby and special needs development.